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If I’m going to make another introduction post then I’m sticking with my guns on the header picture. Yes I used it in my introduction for Dexu Ex Machina and yes I do realize it’s an old, outdated picture. But I use it for two reasons:

1. It’s the closest animated representation of myself (appearance-wise that is. I sadly cannot turn water to wine or walk on it for that matter)

2. I still think it’s funny

Secret Answer 3. Because fuck you


So I’m not going to go into the way I got into anime and anything of that nature. If you want a quick rundown of that you can read my bio paragraph. I’m here to tell you more about what I plan to do with this blog, and why I made it in the first place. I started this blog because I recently got the itch to start writing again. I started watching different shows recently, like Precure for example, and wanted an outlet to express my thoughts on those shows and other topics I have floating around my head. But I didn’t want to go back to joining a preexisting blog again. I appreciate the people who gave me the opportunity to write for them on their own sites, but I wanted something to call my own. I felt that if I was on someone else’s blog that I needed to churn out posts constantly in order to make it look like I was brought on for a reason. It almost felt too much like work. I know that the people I wrote for didn’t feel that way and probably wanted me to write posts at my own pace; I just felt like I needed to be as productive as possible for them to repay them for being kind enough to be apart of something that was their’s to begin with. That’s why I made The Anime Kid.

Now why The Anime Kid? The reason pertains to my other passion: Rush. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, or who recognize my avatar, I am an avid Rush fan. If there is one thing in this world I adore more than anime, it’s that rock trio from Canada. I spent a whole day trying to think of a title for this blog that implements my interest  in both anime and Rush. The title went through many different drafts: Permanent Waifus (Permanent Waves), Power Weaboos (Power Windows), and other more horrible sounding names that I tried to come up with that used the title The Temples of Syrinx. It wasn’t until I was driving around with a group of friends in my car as we listened to The Analog Kid that one of them made a joke about how much anime I watch all the time and called me “The Anime Kid”. I knew then that that’s what I wanted to title this blog. It just fit so well with me.

My plans for this blog are pretty simple. I’m going to write whatever comes to mind. I have a couple weekly posts that I want to do. One is brand new, the other is an old favorite. I will get to those very, very soon. I may or may not get back into weekly blogging shows. I enjoyed it when the show I was watching had substance to it like when I blogged Gatchaman Crowds rather than when I attempted to blog Tamako Market which was your typical  moeblob with a few interesting elements sprinkled in. I suppose that will be more of a spur of the moment decision. I’ll throw in some reviews here and there, maybe some list type posts where I rattle off some of my favorite things because those are stupidly easy to write and I enjoy talking about things I love in anime like everyone else. And as the blog progresses I hope to add even more to it.

I think that about covers everything. Just to kind of wrap things up I just want to say that I’m glad to be back in the aniblogsphere and writing again. I missed it. And I hope that those of you reading this now will look forward to reading what I write. Or you can trash it and tell me how shitty my writing/taste in anime is. I’ll take either or really.


About lerxst2112

Former blog writer/podcast personality for Anime Afterlife Podcast and Desu Ex Machina and head writer for The Anime Kid. I've been watching anime consistently for 4 years now and see no end in sight. I love anything from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, to Love Live, to Precure, and everything else in between. I also partake in video games, Magic: The Gathering, and sports (primarily American Football). I started writing back in 2011 when my friends over at Anime Afterlife Podcast decided to bring me on as a writer and podcast host. But once things started to fall apart there, I was brought on as a writer for Desu Ex Machina. But my time there ended and I decided to take a break from blogging to not only relax from blogging for a while, but to also sort out my personal life as well. Now I'm getting the itch to write again, and so The Anime Kid was born.

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  1. Welcome back to writing, from a fellow anime and Rush fan! Best of luck to you with the new blog. 🙂

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