Anime Power Rankings: Spring 2014 Week 1

Rank Anime (First Place Votes) Studio Episode Change
1 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (4) David Production 1
2 Mushishi Zoku Shou (3) Artland 1
3 Captain Earth (4) Bones 1
4 Nagi no Asukara (5) P.A. Works 26
5 Selector Infected WIXOSS (0) J.C. Staff 1

On the Cusp: Akuma no Riddle (1), Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei(0), Tonari no Seki-kun (1), Gundam Build Fighters (1), Saki: Zenkoku-hen (1)


It was very interesting doing APR for the first time. As the emails poured in and I saw what was getting voted on most people’s ballots, I saw things that I expected, and other things I didn’t expect. Before I even sent out the ballot on Thursday, I anticipated that Jojo’s, Mushishi, and Nagi no Asukara would be in the top three. But lo and behold we have Captain Earth pushing Nagi no Asukara down to fourth  to claim it’s spot at number 3 for the first week of Spring. It’s also worth mentioning that Nagi no Asukara only recieved five votes for it’s finale, and just going to show that there is a tremendous amount of love for that show.


Next week has a ton of pilot episodes in store for us. I eagerly await to see how you guys vote for them and if we will see Jojo’s or Mushishi hold those top two spots. Or will they be bumped out by a possible sleeper hit of the season?

 While JoJo was a given favourite, I was very surprised to see WIXOSS being so competently written and carrying such great visuals at the same time. Might turn out to be a strong contender for the best show this season in the end.

Tobiichi Karlsson (Just Another Anime Podcast)

Nothing genuinely new from this season has been impressing me. Everything I voted for is either a finished series or a sequel to something I already like, and thus it makes sense I’d like the second installment too, barring a sharp dip in quality. kinda like the premises of Wixoss and Captain Earth, but the execution is kind of awkward. Hopefully the next week improves the quality in a big way. Jojo and Mushishi are fun, but I’d really like something genuinely new to sink my teeth into.

Mr. Flawfinder (Standing On My Neck)

The end of one season and the beginning of the next is always a difficult time. Saying goodbye to old favorites and weeding through piles of shit both are tiring, but necessary. That said, of the new shows I’ve watched I really only like two, Mushishi and The World is Still Beautiful.

Chronolynx (THAT Anime Blog)

The imouto in Mahouka is top-tier and would be waifu of the season in a season with no Nico of Love Live! in it.


Frog-kun (Fantastic Memes)

Build Fighters fulfilled its destiny as the most fanwanking series in franchise history.

kadian1365 (The Nihon Review)

Akuma no Riddle – I originally didn’t plan to pick this up. This show is sort of “trash”, but it’s really fun trash. It reminds me of Deadman Wonderland (which I’ve liked) and Danganronpa (which I hated). It actually had solid voice acting, and aside from the too caricature people (crazy girl and dice-sensei), I liked the vibe alright. Give me fun action, not a lot to ask for, right?

Guy (Geekorner-Geekulture)

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Well this show wasted no time getting straight to the harem-y plot points accompanied by more than a few incestuous comments. Normally that would be a recipe for disaster but I find myself enjoying this show more than I expected. Maybe it’s because the female voice acting was so gorgeous. Hayama Saori is quickly becoming one of my favorite Vas with her soft, breathy voice that is very reminiscent of mid-2000s Noto Mamiko. In addition Satou Satomi as Mizuki doing her Chitanda Eru/Tamura Manami voice gives us some of the best out there in terms of voicing soft-spoken characters. Throw in Nakamura Yuuichi as Tatsuya and an OP by LiSA and you have a recipe for the auditory treat of the year. As for the actual show, I thought the dynamic being set up between the course 1 “blooms” and the course 2 “weeds” has some potential. I hope we get a reasonable explanation of why Tatsuya is in course 2 when he appears to be fairly talented even compared to the other students in this supposedly prestigious academy. Clearly a lot of budget went into this show and I’m hoping the story can justify the amount of effort put into this.

Kellogs (Pedantic Perspective)

Thanks again guys for showing interest in Anime Power Rankings again and sending in your ballots. If you are interested in joining please email me at animepowerrankings[at]gmail[dot]com


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  1. I actually wonder if NagiAsu would’ve placed differently if you had remembered to put it on the ballot, as some people look at that to remind them what exactly aired 😉

    On another note, congrats for your inaugural APR post! How many people voted?

  2. Nagi no Asukara wasn’t on the show list attached to the mail, so I thought it wasn’t available. Else I’d have put it in, too. I was too busy and forgot what aired when xD.

  3. Not surprised to see JJBA either its in for quality or riding on nostalgia factor. Perhaps both.

    Nagiasu had a nice finish with the lovely songs rendered from Ray, I enjoyed it.

  4. Oh my god you people with terrible taste stop watching that Jojo’s trash goddammit

  5. Some general notes, I’d consider widening the width of this page, or nixing the sidebar, to give the text more room to breathe.

    It could just be that you need to kill the quote tag, so that text will have some more room to breathe. Feels cramped.

    I’d also consider bolding the names of the shows in the quotes.

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