Anime Power Rankings: Spring 2014 Week 2

Rank Anime (First Place Votes) Studio Episode Change
1 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (7) David Production 2
1 Mushishi Zoku Shou (8) Artland 2 1
3 Ping Pong: The Animation (3) Tatsunoko Productions 1
4 Isshuukan Friends (4) Brains Base 1
5 Haikyuu!! (2) Production I.G. 1

On the Cusp: No Game, No Life (0), Akuma no Riddle (2), Love Live: School Idol Project Season 2 (2), Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin (0), Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka? (1)


Ladies and gentlemen, this was an exciting week of anime. And the APR for this week just goes to prove that. The two heavy hitters for the Spring season have tied for first place after showing off their second episodes. But the thing I want to point out is that Mushishi not only received more first place votes than Jojo’s, but Mushishi did not receive a vote lower than second on people’s APR ballots this week. I have a feeling that these two shows are going to battle it out each week until the end of the Spring season.

This week debuted the majority of the pilot episodes for this Spring season. In my personal opinion, I believe you all gave third place to the right show. Ping Pong: The Animation, while receiving flack for it’s animation and style, had a very fluid and well directed first episode. I was a bit skeptical about even watching this in the first place with it being a show about ping pong, but I put my trust into Masaaki Yuasa and sure enough he delivered with probably one of the best first episodes of the season. Ping Pong: The Animation is definitely the biggest surprise for me thus far.

The Chinese character in ping pong is the most badass mutherfucka I’ve seen in a few seasons. Proud to be his countryman. Also this show gets an auto 10/10 for actually having Mandarin.

CR doesnt air the next episode of Love Live until tomorrow because of facism.

kevo (Anime Maru)

I’m not sure whether any single line of what Kanemoto acted out in this week’s Akuma no Riddle made any sense whatsoever, but I’m buying it all anyway. Akuma no Riddle handled its setup stage better than I expected it to, and here’s hoping it won’t crush and burn within the next two episodes, when the time comes for the actual action to break loose.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, No Game No Life gets the award for the most reassuring opening episode of the season. The calm confidence with which the writing takes our overpowered NEET siblings and sets them on the path toward world conquest is simply delightful. This is one show which does not bother to hide where it is heading, nor does it have to. With unique art and great character chemistry, the only thing left to see is how Blank deals with opponents closer to their skill level.

In other news, Wixoss’s Okada should learn how to actually make use of the card game that is supposedly part of her setting, or the show’s first appearance on the APR list last week might also be the last.

Cytrus (Yaranakya)

Ishuukan Friends looks like it has a lot of potential being the bitter-sweet tear jerker of the season. The first episode got off to a good start with all the signs of a puppy love romance developing, though it was a bit cliche. I’m looking forward to seeing if it’ll follow in the footsteps of ef – a tale of memories, or if it’ll become a memorable story in its own right.

Nopy (Nopy’s Blog)

I think a fair judgment one can make of Mushishi as a whole is how doggedly consistent it is from episode to episode. Sure, there is such thing as the weaker episodes and the stronger ones, but Mushishi is a steadfast example of how “more of the same” can mean something beneficial towards the quality of your anime. Despite the surface-level similarities between each story, there’s always something new to learn about mushi, Ginko, how both affect the story at hand, and how the anime can somehow maintain its tranquil, almost oppressive atmosphere without becoming too stale. But I suppose that’s the caveat to a show like Mushishi: it’s quite predictable as a result of its consistency. Whatever risk it takes will inevitably manifest as baby steps when compared to the grand scheme of things. While the stuff Mushishi does is truly the best it could do, and while the end scene from episode 2 is quite possibly the most impressive feat of animation that this show has attempted so far, I cannot help but wonder what a bigger leap of faith may do. Then again, perhaps that’s just me wishing for Mushishi to be something that it’s not, and this is a dangerous thought to have when attempting to fairly assess a show’s quality. I am just happy that I can watch more of this anime’s magic after the Mushishi-less drought we suffered these eight years.

appropriant (Perpetual Morning)


Thanks to everyone who sent in APR ballots this week. You made it very exciting tallying them all up. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this season. It’s going to be a good one folks.


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  1. Isshuukan Friends is one of the most boring shows I’ve ever seen, and it’s ugly to boot. I dunno if I can stomach a whole season with it hanging out in the top 5.

  2. Kinda curious how many points it took to make on the cusp after I gave GochiUsa my 5 first place points.

    • It’s because you gave it your top vote that it got on the cusp. If not it would have gone to Captain Earth. Gochiusa beat it out by 2 points.


  3. When I ran APR I only counted half of Jojo’s points you should start doing that just pro tip because people have terrible taste someone’s gotta do the dirty work.

  4. ^This is not a true statement for those who do not pick up on sarcasm

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