Anime Power Rankings Spring 2014 Week 6

Rank Anime (First Place Votes) Studio Episode Change
1 Mushishi Zoku Shou (9) Artland 6 1
2 Isshuukan Friends (4) Brains Base 5 1
3 Ping Pong: The Animation (3) Tatsunoko Productions 5 2
4 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (2) David Production 6
5 Love Live: School Idol Project Season 2 (3) Sunrise 5 2

On the Cusp: Akuma no Riddle (3), Sidonia no Kishi (1), No Game, No Life (2), Hitsugi no Chaika (1), Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka? (0)


Last week I said that I would love to see Love Live get inside the top five before the end of the season. AND IT HAPPENED!! YOU GUYS DID IT!! GOOD JOB!! Love Live’s fifth episode was really great putting the spotlight on Rin and actually giving her a personality outside of he tendency to add “nyan” at the end of everything she says. But I think the real winner of this past episode, and what I believe to be the real reason Love Live made it into the top five this week, is the best Umi face we have seen to date. Let’s see if we can keep Love Live in the top five for a second straight week. I believe in you guys.

Nothing much else has changed with APR this week. The same four shows that have stayed in the top five for the past four to five weeks have moved around a bit. Ping Pong drops two spots to sit at number three this week after Akuma’s meltdown from losing a ping pong match to Smile, Mushishi reclaims it’s spot at number one with an axe murdering gardner, Isshuukan Friends jumps up one spot to the number two after introducing a new character whose personality of “No fuck you Kaori we’re friends now so I AM going to talk to you in class and you’re just going to have to deal with it” brings a bit of energy to the series, and Jojo’s sits for a second week at number four with underwater fight scenes and censorship of tobacco use on boats. The only other changes in APR worth mentioning are Sidonia no Kishi dropping out of the top five to number seven this week, and Hitsugi no Chaika making its first appearance on APR landing at number nine. I’m not watching either of those shows so I really have nothing to say about them other than “nicely done” and “lets see how long you stay in the top ten”.


This week’s Isshuukan Friends was one whole shot of positive energy. It was impossible for me not to smile throughout the whole ordeal. While there might be plenty of trouble ahead waiting for Kaori, now that her safe status quo has been broken, there is no doubt that for the moment, she is one happy high school girl.

Cytrus (Yaranakya)

I tried out One Week Friends this week finally and I was delighted to see that not only does the premise hold up much better than I expected but the art is on-par with Mushi-shi for the best visuals of the season. Mushi-shi has been consistently great in the art department (I finished the first season just before the second one started so I feel confident in saying it’s even better this time around) with it’s hauntingly beautiful set-pieces, wonderful attention to detail, and that it has such a good grasp on color it can have a lot of episodes where nearly all the colors are the same and yet it doesn’t feel dull. One Week Friends looks very differently visually, it blurs and softens some of its scenes and then in others you’re struck by the clear beauty of everyday life. But like Mushi-shi the color palette and style are remarkably cohesive and so I can say that it’s not only a wonderful little series but one of the best looking this season too.

Helen (Narrative Investigations)

Aaand I’m out. As fun as reading the comments that certain blogs get whenever they do their episode write-ups is, I just can’t do it anymore. Mahouka is far from the worst anime I’ve ever seen – hell, it’s not even the worst from just this season – but when my eyes started glazing over right from the OP this week, I knew it was time to check out. I’ll leave the dissecting to people with more energy and enthusiasm on their hands than me.

Artemis (Otaku Lounge)

Thank you to everyone who sent in their APR ballots this week. Mother’s Day got in the way of me putting this out on Sunday. So thank you for your patience.


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  1. Wow theres no love for Mekakucity Actors this week? It was its third strongest episode.

    • I bet most people have already dropped Mekaku City Actors after its painfully slow start.

    • After seeing four awful episodes, I can safely conclude that Mekaku City Actors is a big fuckball of boring. And no way is an episode that’s apparently worse than its best effort is going to change my mind.

      • I watched the first few episodes and I found it to be a bit pretentious. It’s not terrible but it’s not something from SHAFT that I want to really watch

  2. Yessssss Chaika in the top 10.

  3. BTW, might be nice to hear if something drops or gains a lot of points outside of the top 5/10, like, massive drops or gains.

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