Anime Power Rankings: Spring 2014 Week 9

Rank Anime (First Place Votes) Studio Episode Change
1 Ping Pong: The Animation (7) Tatsunoko Productions 8
2 Isshuukan Friends (3) Brains Base 8 1
3 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (3) David Production 9 1
4 No Game No Life (3) Madhouse 8 1
5 Love Live: School Idol Project Season 2 (4) Sunrise 8

On the Cusp: Sidonia no Kishi (1),  Tonari no Seki-kun (2),  Mekaku City Actors  (1),  Haikyuu!! (1), Akuma no Riddle (1)

This week in APR was very, very top heavy. Ping Pong remains the crowd favorite keeping it’s number one spot for the third consecutive week. It had a great episode with Peco knocking off the best character in the show Wenge from the national ping pong tournament and showing just how much better he has gotten in the past year (although it is kind of odd to have them brush of a year time skip like that but for the sake of it being a noitamina show I guess they really don’t have a choice in the matter).  It also stood twenty-three points higher than Isshuukan Friends which bumped itself up to number 2 for the week. Isshuukan Friends shows off the generic beach episode without really being a generic beach episode if that makes sense to anyone else. The relationship between Hase and Kaori is starting to make a bit more progress outside of the consistent rooftop scenes and I’m starting to think that Hase is less of a pushover now.

Jojo’s remains in the top five for the second consecutive week with one of the weirdest episodes I watched all week. I mean seriously, who eats cherries like that? On the other hand we do find out who the man with the two left hands is and the Stand identities of everyone still hunting down our main characters. I’m starting to think that the reason Jojo’s dropped off so much two weeks ago was due to the fact that the story really wasn’t progressing as much as it has the past two episodes.

No Game No Life drops a spot from last week and is sitting comfortably at number four. No Game No Life has been hitting it out of the park these past few weeks. It’s blend of drama and comedy is incredibly seamless and it’s being the show that I believe Hataraku no Maou-sama should have been. I started making that connection around episode four of No Game No Life but since then the show has become leaps and bounds better than Maou-sama in every way. If this show keeps progressing this way all the way to the finale, then I can almost guarantee that it will end up on my top ten by the end of the year.

And rounding out the top five is Love Live and Sidonia no Kishi both tying for number five this week. I would go more into those two shows but 1. Love Live played Snow Halation for their final preliminary which was no surprise to me because it’s one of their most popular songs so why wouldn’t they do that and 2. I still haven’t watched Sidonia no Kishi like I promised you guys I would because I’ve been really busy these past couple of months and because I’m a horrible person so feel free to berate me all you want on that. What I really want to get into is a show that is making it’s second, highest, and final appearance on APR. Tonari no Seki-kun has been on of the better comedy shows to air in some time. While it’s not one of the most “laugh out loud” funny shows in recent memory, it is really clever with it’s comedy and it’s funny enough to where it puts a smile on my face with every episode. I’m really sad to see it end. It’s a great comedy show that everyone should take time out of their day to watch.


On Hunter x Hunter 131: It’s a good thing Hunter x Hunter isn’t eligible for APR, because it would just be sitting at the top of my ballot week after week. This episode was…ha, what words that I haven’t already used to describe this show? Back when I when I watched episode 116, I thought the show couldn’t go any higher. Episode 126 proved me wrong, and I thought the show couldn’t go any higher. I was wrong again. Episode 131 was the most devastating thing I’ve seen come out of this medium. To see Gon, once the embodiment of light (remember when Killua said, “Gon, you are light”?), fall so deeply into darkness…it is a tragedy of the highest order, the ruining of innocence by the brutality of the unforgiving world. I cried through almost the entire episode: watching Gon fall, watching Killua (this is a colossal tragedy for Killua, as well) watch Gon. Every moment of this episode was devastating. Han Megumi is transcendental, and I want to again call for Hunter x Hunter’s entry into the discussion of best anime of all time.

iblessall (Life, and Anime)

I know it isn’t eligible for APR but goddamn Hunter x Hunter was absolutely phenomenal this week. Blows everything else out of the water, but that’s what happens when you’ve got 70 episodes of buildup I guess. Ping Pong was great too, and I really love how they’ve set everything up so far. You can see where it’s going, but the ending isn’t quite visible yet. That’s what you call foreshadowing, kids.

Chronolynx (THAT Anime Blog)

While it’s unable to be a part of APR due to having a large amount of episodes, Hunter x Hunter clearly has taken the cake these two weeks with its top of the notch execution. Combining exceptional voice acting by Han Megumi for her role as Gon with artistic direction, and we had two heartbreaking episodes that made me hold my breath and cry silently as a beloved protagonist cracked under mental and emotional pressure and paid the price for caring too much. Expanding an entire chapter into one and a half episodes isn’t an easy feat, but the series did it so well that only four days later, I’m still speechless at how well the episodes went. There are few shows that manage to deliver such a diverse cast with variety of complex emotions, and fewer that manage to breathe a life and soul into its very own writing, but Hunter x Hunter manages to do it with amazing quality, and it truly deserves to be number one for these weeks.

illegenes (Isn’t it Electrifying?)

I want to take a moment and talk about a show that hasn’t been eligible for APR in a very long time, but deserves to be mentioned on here regardless. While my busy schedule gets in the way of me watching the shows I want to watch each week and even doing APR at an appropriate time, I make it a point to drop whatever it is that I’m doing and watch Hunter X Hunter on time. Outside of the recent second season of Mushishi, there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING that I enjoy watching more each week than Hunter X Hunter. This show has been one of the most engaging, and recently, the most devastating show airing in Japan right now. The show started off as a story about a young boy whose goal is to become a Hunter and find his long lost dad.  What Hunter X Hunter has now evolved into is something much less “happy-go-lucky” than it once was.  I’m bringing this all up now because one of the latest episodes, episode 131, gave us watching the series the moment we may or may not have been waiting to see. For those of us who haven’t read the manga, we have been waiting for (or at least I have) the moment when Gon finally gets his revenge for the things Pitou has done to Kite. The way the episode panned out probably wasn’t done in the way we all expected it to. I can honestly say that I dropped everything I was doing after that and just sat in my chair in a mixture of shock, sadness, and a tad bit of despair. However, for the manga readers I’m sure they knew this day would come eventually and their feelings of anticipation eventually turned into overwhelming anxiety. The emotions and reactions to episode 131 seems to relate closely to the people who watch/read Game of Thrones although I don’t want to delve too much into that because I don’t read nor watch that series. What I really want to say just to wrap things up is that Hunter X Hunter has been the most enjoyable shows I’ve watched in a very long time. I would love to tell you all to drop what you’re doing and watch Hunter X Hunter, but it’s hard to do that knowing how long the show has been running for. If you can devote the time to watch this series, please do so.

And just to end on a more light-hearted note, did everyone else see that new PV for Sailor Moon Crystal? It was awesome and exciting, right? Right.

Thank you once again to everyone who sent in their APR ballots this week!


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