Anime Power Rankings: Spring 2014 Week 12

Rank Anime (First Place Votes) Studio Episode Change
1 Ping Pong: The Animation (11) Tatsunoko Productions 11
2 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (1) David Production 12 5
3 Mushishi Zoku Shou (3) Artland 10 1
4 No Game No Life (2) Madhouse 11
5 Isshuukan Friends (0) Brains Base 11 3

On the Cusp: Love Live: School Idol Project Season 2 (4), Sidonia no Kishi (0), Mekaku city Actors (2), Haikyuu!! (2), Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka? (0)


The first week of finales of the Spring 2014 season has come to a close (although this is coming out during the second week of finales). And with no surprise Ping Pong: The Animation takes the number one spot for the very last time with eleven first places votes, rounding out it’s run on APR with eight first place spots. Ping Pong is without a doubt the most popular, and most well-received anime of the Spring season. While I truly believe that Ping Pong: The Animation is one of the best shows of the season alongside Mushishi Zoku Shou and No Game No Life, I feel a bit empty after watching the final episode. It’s not an empty feeling because the show is over, but an empty feeling because I wanted more out of the show. And before anyone starts jumping to any conclusions, no I don’t think Ping Pong is bad in any way and I’m not going to make the argument that it needed more episodes to be better. It’s because the show was so great that I wanted more from that story, more from those characters, and more from the entire atmosphere that Masaaki Yuasa created in those eleven episodes. I just hope that one day Yuasa will escape from the noitamina time slot and be given the opportunity to make a two cour anime with as much freedom to do what he does best. We as viewers would only be so lucky.


A magnificent ending for a magnificent show. Ping Pong was far and away the best show of Spring 2014. It was a privilege to watch it, and to write about it. And seriously, for the last time, PING PONG IS NOT ABOUT PING PONG.

iblessall (Life, and Anime)

One Week Friends? One Week Fake Friends. You suck, Hase.

Marow (Anime Viking)

Have to agree with Marow on this one. While I have enjoyed Isshuukan Friends from the beginning, the past few episodes have been an utter drag because of Hase. Look, I get why he’s doing all of this because he truly cares about Fujimiya and her well-being. But for once I would like him to do this because he wants to be with her and not out of some moral obligation or due to the fact that he’s so far into this now that he has no other choice which is what the show has started to turn into. Isshuukan Friends is good and I understand why it is in the APR top five each week, but at this point in the show everything is starting to get stale and somewhat unappealing.

Proud to be probably the only one on the internet to have that top 2. On the surface those two would seem like the polar opposite type of shows, the arty and the smutty, yet both of them are just so full of heart and passion in what they are doing, not to mention the best two OP and OST of the season. You can fault Daimidaler of being cliche, having too much ero, full of dumb jokes from the penguins, but you can’t fault it of not going all out. This show is made by people who love super robots, and it showed from start to finish. Each fight scene is done with care and enthusiasm, and the set pieces are fantastic. Even though it’s full of parody of the genre, it plays them true to the core values. If JJBA is a great call back to the old shonen days, this show is channelling the great 70s, 80s, and 90s super robot moments with equal amount of confidence. This show may have been ignored by many as being too explicit, but this is the best fun I had this season from start to finish. Seriously, this OST is just too good.

Jeroz (Sticky Jellyfish)

This weeks Jojo once again proves that American JoJo > British JoJo > Japanese JoJo.

The real story though is that the final episode of Ping Pong was the best episode of anime this year so far if you discount several episodes from Hunter x Hunter.

steelbound (The Null Set)



Thank you to everyone who sent in their ballots this week!


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  1. Who wrote the comment that started with “Proud to be probably the only one on the internet to have that top 2” in this post? Is it deliberately anonymous?

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