Anime Power Rankings: Summer 2014 Week 2

Rank Anime (First Place Votes) Studio Episode Change
1 Zankyou no Terror (7) MAPPA 1
2 Aldnoah Zero (4) A-l Pictures 2 1
3 Barakamon (2) Kinema Citrus 2 1
4 Glasslip (3) P.A. Works 2 1
5 Ao Haru Ride (1) Production I.G. 1

On the Cusp: Hanayamata (2), Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (0), Free! -Eternal Summer- (1), Space Dandy (1), Tokyo Ghoul (0)


Zankyou no Terror stormed out the gate this week, with a first episode that both delivered as a thriller in its own right and offered the promise of great developments to come. Watanabe shows are often most distinctive for their music and choreography, but this episode’s highlight was the “lighting” – the over-saturated daylight scenes really hammered in the oppressive heat, and the understated night scenes were just as beautiful in their own way. Any show can fall apart, but Zankyou no Terror’s immediate confidence is a very encouraging sign.

Bobduh (Wrong Every Time)

Zankyou no Terror takes week two of Anime Power Rankings by storm with a commanding lead over last week’s number one Aldnoah Zero. Not only that, but APR this week was incredibly top heavy. Zankyou no Terror lead Aldnoah Zero by twenty-one points, which lead Barakamon by 17 points, beating out Glasslip by 16 points, and everything below Glasslip had a point differential of one to two points each. While I’ve always been the one to say that Summer is one of my least favorite seasons out of the year, I have to say that this is possibly the best start to a Summer season I have seen in recent memory.



Ao Haru Ride is another show that follows a specific style pretty much by the book. The style in this case, shoujo romance, is something I find myself wanting to like more often than actually liking but Ao Haru Ride did a pretty good job in its premiere. I feel that it enhances the manga in many ways and I like the relationship between Futaba and Kou much more in the anime than I did at this point in the manga. The visuals are solid and reminiscent of IG’s previous work on Kimi ni Todoke. The biggest concern I have at this point with AHR is how the adaptation team will handle the process of adapting a very long ongoing manga into a one cour TV anime. If anything is going to sink Ao Haru Ride, that seems to be the most likely culprit but until that happens I remain cautiously optimistic about the show.

Kelloggs (Pedantic Perspective)

The thing that made me the happiest this week in APR is that Ao Haru Ride, my most anticipated show of the season, made it into the top five in it’s first week. Granted, it didn’t really need that many points to beat out the bottom five, but it still brings me great joy to see it among some of the early favorites of APR.

Goddamn there’s a lot of good shows this season. My usual policy of “gay to the top” does not quite work when literally every show I’m watching is some kind of gay. Gay swimming, gay detectives, gay actors, gay terrorists, gay volleyball the list goes ON AND ON. I am happy and terrified in equal measure.

Chronolynx (THAT Anime Blog)

Thank you Chrono for making me literally laugh out loud with your commentary this week.

Sabagebu! is my early favorite for surprise of the season…which is weird because I expected it to be good, but it’s been even better than I thought I’d be! I hope it continues to be as hilarious as it’s been for the remainder of the season, and you should totally give it a shot.

Justin (Organization Anti-Social Geniuses)

Aldnoah.Zero’s 2nd episode wasn’t a good one. It’s not that the content itself was bad, as much as the episode wasted time. It had enough content for 10 minutes, but since it had to fill 20, it just stretched things. Yes, humanity is outclassed, we got that in 2 minutes, no need for over 5 of that. Yes, this caricature villain is ridiculously bad and petty, we got that in under 20 seconds, why did we give him so much screen-time?
To top it off, we still don’t have actual characters, though Martian Earth-boy at least had another characterization. This reminds me of Attack on Titan, where much of the ridiculous melodrama came as a result of them padding the episode count.

Guy (Geekorner-Geekulture)



Thank you to everyone who sent in ballots this week! If anyone is interested in joining Anime Power Rankings, send me an email at animepowerrankings[at]gmail[dot]com.


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  1. Huh, Glasslip made it into the top 5. Fascinating. Then again, a lot of the anibloggers who seem to vote are also huge fans of camp and “Terribad”, so I’ll chalk it up to that 😉

  2. Zankyou no Terror and Aldnoah Zero in the top two spots?

    This season is anathema.

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