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Anime Power Rankings: Summer 2014 Week 2

Rank Anime (First Place Votes) Studio Episode Change
1 Zankyou no Terror (7) MAPPA 1
2 Aldnoah Zero (4) A-l Pictures 2 1
3 Barakamon (2) Kinema Citrus 2 1
4 Glasslip (3) P.A. Works 2 1
5 Ao Haru Ride (1) Production I.G. 1

On the Cusp: Hanayamata (2), Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (0), Free! -Eternal Summer- (1), Space Dandy (1), Tokyo Ghoul (0)


Zankyou no Terror stormed out the gate this week, with a first episode that both delivered as a thriller in its own right and offered the promise of great developments to come. Watanabe shows are often most distinctive for their music and choreography, but this episode’s highlight was the “lighting” – the over-saturated daylight scenes really hammered in the oppressive heat, and the understated night scenes were just as beautiful in their own way. Any show can fall apart, but Zankyou no Terror’s immediate confidence is a very encouraging sign.

Bobduh (Wrong Every Time)

Zankyou no Terror takes week two of Anime Power Rankings by storm with a commanding lead over last week’s number one Aldnoah Zero. Not only that, but APR this week was incredibly top heavy. Zankyou no Terror lead Aldnoah Zero by twenty-one points, which lead Barakamon by 17 points, beating out Glasslip by 16 points, and everything below Glasslip had a point differential of one to two points each. While I’ve always been the one to say that Summer is one of my least favorite seasons out of the year, I have to say that this is possibly the best start to a Summer season I have seen in recent memory.


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Anime Power Rankings: Summer 2014 Week 1

Rank Anime (First Place Votes) Studio Episode Change
1 ALDNOAH ZERO (2) A-1 Pictures 1
2 Barakamon (3) Kinema Citrus 1
3 Tokyo Ghoul (3) Studio Pierrot 1
4 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal (1) Toei Animation 1
5 Glasslip (2) P.A. Works 1

On the Cusp: Space Dandy (2), Free! -Eternal Summer- (1), Black Bullet (1), Haikyuu!! (1), Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (0)


Despite my problems with Aldnoah Zero – mainly with how it delivers exposition – I honestly think it’s one of the stronger premieres of the season. The premise of an Earth without the moon and a princess trying to settle a war between two different planets is intriguing, and whilst the characters aren’t established yet, the show hasn’t given them a major focus so that can be excused as long as they grow up later. Plus, the sight of people evaporating due to a nuclear missile gives me all kinds of thrills. Looking forward to more of the show.

Mr. Flawfinder (Standing On My Neck)

The first APR top five of the Summer season is more or less how I predicted it would look.  However I may need to pull out a can of crow after seeing Aldnoah Zero’s pilot episode. I didn’t predict it would make the top five but it makes it’s debut at the #1 spot. It brought a lot to the table in terms of it’s exposition and what it hopes to shoot for in the future. I can only wonder if the decision to be a split-cour series will hurt it later on down the road.

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Anime Power Rankings: Summer 2014 Predictions


The Summer 2014 season has arrived! A new slate of shows each with ample opportunities to make their way into the APR top 5 spotlight. Here are my quick thoughts on how each show from this season will favor in the coming weeks. This list includes shows that will be eligible for APR based on whether or not they will be subbed (and don’t take this as a final list of shows that will be eligible on APR during the Summer season).

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